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Dezembro 3, 2003 às 2:23 pm | Publicado em Astronomia | Deixe um comentário

E de Dave Kornreich em contradição com outras resposta já aqui expostas:

“It sounds like you’re mixing up the concepts of a protoplanetary core in

Jupiter and Jupiter’s density distribution. The article you reference is

referring to new data that might indicate that Jupiter did not form by first

forming as a rocky planet, then attracting gas from the nebula via gravity.

This would be the “rocky core” concept on Jupiter. But if such a core did

once exist, it would have long since been smashed into degenerate material,

like the rest of the interior of Jupiter.

That Jupiter has a small moment of inertia simply means that its density

increases with depth. That’s a different statement than the use of the word

“core” in the article.”


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