Dezembro 1, 2003 às 4:51 pm | Publicado em Astronomia | Deixe um comentário

Mais uma resposta à questão do núcleo de Júpiter de Britt Scharringhausen de Cornell.

“I agree that this is a surprising suggestion! I guess that Alan

Boss is right when he says ” it takes a while for people to get

used to any new idea, including scientists.” 🙂

Even if Jupiter is made entirely of hydrogen and helium, with no

heavier elements, it is possible for its core to be compressed so

strongly by its gravity that it would be dense enough for Jupiter

to have the observed moment of inertia. Our ideas about the

internal structure of Jupiter are largely theoretical. We can

only make measurements from the outside, and then try to

calculate what things are like on the inside. In general,

though, the measureuments we can do not specify precisely what

the interior is like. There are always a range of different

interiors that could satisfy the measurements. However, the more

data we get, the more we can constrain our models, so a smaller

the range of interiors will work–allowing us to zero in on what

the true structure of the interior is like.

I’ll certainly be following this debate with great interest!

Thanks for bringing it to my attention!”


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