Richard Rand (resposta)

Novembro 27, 2003 às 2:50 am | Publicado em Astronomia | Deixe um comentário

Richard Rand é professor de astronomia na Univesidade do Novo México e outro céptico, embora mais cauteloso:

“One of the main pieces of evidence that Jupiter has a rocky/metallic

core comes from Jupiter’s oblateness: if it didn’t have such a core, it

would be more oblate than it is. Unfortunately, I’m not an expert in

this area so I can’t enlighten much. However, the new evidence seems to

be that the core may have less mass than thought. The range of possible

core masses seems to be about zero to ten Earth masses. So apparently

the data are consistent with no core, but also consistent with a

moderate core. My impression is that it is too early to say that

Jupiter has no core, and more precise data on its rotational figure are



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